Ladies of the '80s Music Video Dance Party

No decade has ever displayed the power of female singers stronger than the '80s and so this month we will be tipping our hats to all the LADIES OF THE '80s that dared to cut their hair short or dance battle a pimp in a shady club.

Thank you, Cyndi Lauper, for showing us that it would be okay to show our TRUE COLORS. Thank you, Madonna, for telling us what it feels like to be touched for the very first time. Thank you Pat Benatar, for standing heartache to heartache with us. And Olivia Newton-John, we never would have known how to get physical without your guidance. This show is for all of you.

The LADIES OF THE '80s Video Dance Party has been one of our most popular shows for years now, and this year we've got all of the favorites back, with a few choice new selections that haven't been featured in any show before. So we'll have the 99 red balloons bouncing around in the theater during the song that shares a name with the props we use, and we'll have naked men falling from the skies when the Weather Girls talk about the day when it first started raining men. Forever is gonna start tonight and don't ya wanna dance with somebody? (...with somebody who loves me! WOO!)


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