Electric Run Austin


Register now at www.electricrun.com

One Million watts of light and sound will transform the 5k course into an electric wonderland. This race will keep you energized as music and amazing lighting effects will take your breath away. And you are invited to be part of the art. Get creative and light yourself with glow sticks LEDs and whatever else your imagination can conjure up!

Participants will receive a lot of great stuff:
High quality cotton-polly event shirts custom designed by the illustrious Shaun Neff
LED bracelet
glow neckless
glow sunglasses

There are two ways to participate, either as an individual, or as a team of 4 or more.

Finish Celebration
The lights and sounds will kick up a notch as you cross the finish line. Neon trees, glowing arches, lasers, glowing beach balls and other lighting effects will all dance to the music celebrating your return. Stay and dance as DJs will mix the latest tunes from the main stage.

Register now at www.electricrun.com


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