Kerbey Lane Cafe - South

97% love it
Pure Austin
Perfect for breakfast or post-bar grub, Kerbey Lane is full of local Austin flavor. This location just south of Austin is gay-popular and filled with fun, funky decor.


    • ISATX97
      ISATX97 Over a year ago

      Breakfast. The migas.

    • SirDogtag
      SirDogtag Over a year ago
      Hates it

      food was very bland and waitstaff couldn't be bothered. Won't be back.

    • lauro
      lauro Over a year ago

      Dyson Airblade in the restroom. Awesome.

    • citeunseen
      citeunseen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Home away from Home
      A truly great eatery, with great staff that is never to busy to smile or refill you cup of coffee. When I first moved to Austin, I lived across the street from the north location of Kerbey Lane. I grew to love their massive least the size of a dinner plate and served in my 3am meal was my meal for the day. When sleep disturbance set in, I consumed gallons of coffee for the price of one cup. The Cafe was always full, the food always great. Now living in the southern part of Austin, I still seek out KLC at all hours of the day and night for my one meal deal and their delicious coffee. Being from New Orleans, I know coffee, and Kerbey Lane does a great job from the choice of foods to the last drop of your last cup of coffee savored...thanxs