Hyatt Regency Austin

100% love it
On the Colorado River
Set on the shore of Lady Bird Lake, the Hyatt Regency lets you experience the best of Austin's famous live music and rock-star dining all while enjoying authentic hospitality.


    • B1ColoNTex
      B1ColoNTex Over a year ago

      Customer Service Made Up for a Big Issue
      My partner and I stayed at the Hyatt Downtown in Austin just prior to the 2010 New Years. As a whole, we enjoyed the hotel very much. We had a very nice room with a fairly large bed and a great view of the downtown skyline. We did encounter a fairly large issue that may have deterred us from staying with Hyatt in the future, however, their customer service completely made up for the issue and we have since stayed with Hyatt. If you are looking for a close hotel to Sixth Street and dont mind crossing the bridge, the Hyatt is an option.

    • sankung
      sankung Over a year ago

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