Pride BBQ 2017


The UN-Official Pride Month celebration done Austin, TX style. Meet at the park, spread our queer EVERYWHERE (with love ofcourse). Bring the kids, the pets, the gear and all the food/drinks and games you can hold.

Let's TURN this park out on a Sunday Afternoon.

Community Bar - Stocked with donated bottles w/bartenders.
(If you want to donate a bottle, let us know)
All donations raised go toward local queer orgs in Austin.
Game section - Courts for Softball or Kickball, Basketball, Pool for swimming and plenty of room for outdoor games.
Parking for more than 100 cars

Bring your canopies, tents, chairs, and grills!
Donate a bottle to bar and drink all evening with us. (21+ only)
Donate your time to the bar or helping out for the same.

If you want to help with donations and set up, please let us know!
Message Jeremy Teal on FB Messanger!

See you Sunday!


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